Living with Debt is Overwhelming.

Learn practical ways to get out of debt through a debt free course built for millennials.

What if you never had to make another payment?

What if you could get rid of the crippling debt that has been holding you back from trips with friends or sushi dinners with your bae? Millennials ought to be the generation that overcomes debt. I know, because I paid off $35,000 in debt by age 25. And I believe you can get out of debt, too.

Wanna be a Debt Free Millennial?

Stress Less with Money

Skip the guessing game. Create a concrete plan to get out of debt, save consistently and enjoy living large.

Dump Debt

Practical solutions to pay off your debt all on your own that helps you feel in control.


Live Rich

Learn how to save consistently so you can spend money on things that matter.

Increase Confidence

Confidently manage your finances that makes you feel good about money again.

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Our generation doesn’t have to follow the money-sucking path. Join the DFM squad to build your own success story.
“My wife and I were having an emotional response due to mixed feelings of great change/loss, guilt, and an overwhelming sense of helplessness to such a large amount of debt. Justine stopped us and calmed us down. She made sure we are moving together as a team and assumptions are removed. To be frank, it was some of the best counseling I have ever experienced.” Cody

Age 28, United States Army

“After learning more about Debt Free Millennials, I put together a budget and audited my spending for the last three months. I could not believe how much I spent on restaurants in one month. I was SHOCKED. Now, I’m sticking to the DFM budget and on track to pay off my student loans in three years!” Julia

Age 26, Project Manager

“I felt very comfortable talking about debt with Justine, without embarrassment and I think it has a lot to do with her demeanor. My husband and I were able to pay off $16,000 in credit card debt in just 8 months thanks to Debt Free Millennials. We even paid for a cruise to the Bahamas in CASH!” Lauren

Age 28, United States Air Force/Graduate Student

“I feel so fortunate to have the help and support from Justine and the Debt Free Millennials community. I was able to build up $1,000 in my Oh Sh!t Fund easily and now I am committed to getting rid of this debt. I have all of it laid out and now there is no worry of when or how I will pay for things.” JoAnna

Age 27, Aviation Simulator Operator

Take Debt By The Kahunas

You were meant for so much more than monthly bill payments. Go from fearful and uncertain to confident and content with your finances. My debt free course shows you how to get out of debt in four easy steps.

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