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Wedding Budget Breakdown: What It Really Cost Me

As a past millennial bride, I wanted to give a realistic view of a typical wedding. I’m sharing all in my wedding budget breakdown so that current and future millennial couples alike know the reality of how much a wedding costs, and how to make it affordable for your own dream day.

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Easy Ways To Save Money As A Millennial

For most of us millennials saving money feels like next to nearly impossible. Here are six easy ways to save money as a millennial. Whether you’re saving for your first oh sh!t fund, vacation, or car, these easy ways to save money should help you implement effective money saving habits.

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Las Vegas Budget Travel Tips

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas which is historically known for its ability to drain people of their wallets and actually found that it has become very budget friendly. Get the scoop on Las Vegas budget travel tips so you can do Sin City on the cheap!

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How To Travel Cheap While You’re Still In Debt

During my debt free journey, I knew I didn’t want to give up my love of adventure. That’s why I traveled to Puerto Rico, Florida, California and more by paying cash, and putting an average of $1,200 monthly payments towards my debt! Here’s how I did it (and how you can do it, too).

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How To Lower Your Cable and Internet Bill

Have you ever experienced an increase in your cable or internet bill? I have multiple times. Instead of cursing internally and paying anyways, here’s what you need to do to lower your cable and internet bill.

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Budget Smack Down with YouTube’s Budget Girl

If you want to get out of debt, there’s no question that having a written budget is going to help you achieve that #debtfreelife much faster. I sat down with YouTube’s Budget Girl to get the smackdown on how to build a budget.

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Small Salary? You Can Still Pay Off Debt

You don’t have to make a big salary to pay off debt. Just ask Jeff Titak. After buckling down for 13 months straight, he paid off $20,000 in student loan debt with just a $25,000 salary.

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