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Boss Mode: How to Pay Off Debt

Learn how to pay off debt using one of two methods. You truly hit boss mode when you use an effective method on how to pay off debt so you can get back to living a life that you were truly meant to live.

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How to Save Money Consistently

In order to save money consistently, you need to start paying yourself first. Here’s three ways to get in the habit of saving before spending.

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July Beers & Budgeting Review

We are introducing one of our favorite beers in this episode of Beers & Budgeting – Oatmeal Cream Stout by Tallgrass Brewing Company! This month we discuss traveling to Montana on a budget, how we track vacation expenses and an update on running totals for our other savings goals.

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June Beers & Budgeting Review

We are diving into another beers and budget meeting where we went on an amazing vacation to New York City and discuss the role of running totals while sippin’ on Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale.

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May Beers & Budgeting Review

Every month, my husband and I go over our monthly budget. It’s a chance for us to see just how much income we brought in, how many expenses we had, and what we plan to do for the next month. You have probably heard that having a monthly budgeting meeting with your...

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Wedding Budget Breakdown: What It Really Cost Me

As a past millennial bride, I wanted to give a realistic view of a typical wedding. I’m sharing all in my wedding budget breakdown so that current and future millennial couples alike know the reality of how much a wedding costs, and how to make it affordable for your own dream day.

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April Beers & Budgeting

Time to get transparent with you! If you ever wanted an insider’s look at how a millennial couple’s budget meeting is conducted, SPOILER ALERT–it involves beer! I’m walking through our April 2018 budget meeting with my husband. We were behind on our meeting, but...

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Easy Ways To Save Money As A Millennial

For most of us millennials saving money feels like next to nearly impossible. Here are six easy ways to save money as a millennial. Whether you’re saving for your first oh sh!t fund, vacation, or car, these easy ways to save money should help you implement effective money saving habits.

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