Budget Bootcamp for Two

Monthly budgeting support for couples who want to come together financially.
(And come together through craft beer, let’s be honest.)

Raise your hand if you have ever had a disagreement with your boo about money.

If you have ever felt anxious or tense when it comes to financial conversations with your honey, you are not alone. Money is a huge pain point in many relationships. In fact, money problems are one of the biggest reasons couples get divorced.


Common complaints in money and relationships

“We’re serious about each other, but we have fights about money all the time. Mainly because she’s a big spender and I’m a big saver.”

“My boo has no concept about finance and budgeting whatsoever and I don’t know what the eff to do.”

“My significant other keeps buying shit off of Amazon and doesn’t tell me about it! Now our credit card debt is racking up.”

“We’re expecting a baby and this debt thing really has to be under control before baby arrives. How do we welcome a new baby when I have car payments and student loan debt taking up all of my paycheck?”

Budget Bootcamp For Two helps you and your partner go from strangling each other’s throats to working shoulder-to-shoulder towards the same money goals.

“Justine didn’t overwhelm us, but calmed us down. My wife and I knew this was a turnaround point for us and that we’re both working to resolve debt. To be frank, it was some of the best money advice I have received.”

–Cody, age 29, Colorado Springs

Here’s what you get

60-minute introductory call

We meet virtually using an online conference line (or call in if you’re old school). Our first call helps us establish what’s going on in your relationship, finances, and what you and your partner need help with. All calls are private and confidential.

Monthly budgeting calls

Budgeting should be fun, that’s why I usually incorporate a beer*–and that’s no exception when it comes to our calls! Every month, we’ll hop on a 45-minute virtual conference line to go over your month’s income and expenses and goal setting as a team for the next month. *Beer not mandatory or supplied.

Online budget building

Together, we’ll build a budget on Google Spreadsheets that you and your partner can stick to and I’ll guide you to make smart money choices. Yes, that includes bar money and his and hers clothing expenses ?

Actionable debt-free goal setting

What do you love spending money on? What do you hate spending money on? We get to the bottom of your money goals and what to agree on as a couple. We’ll tackle all of that and come up with a short list of your must-haves to keep you focused.

Why should you sign up?

Budget Bootcamp For Two is a private phone call that is focused on you, your significant other and your financial lives. I help the two of you come up with a ditch debt plan and communicate openly about money.

✍️ Identify the secretary and the surfer

📝 Create a list of contentment activities

✅ Learn two different debt payoff methods

☝️ Learn how to automate payments

📊 Setup a shared budget that you actually stick to

 Agree on your money goals

How long do we work together?

Most millennial couples who sign up for Budget Bootcamp typically gain clarity and money management skills within three months, but we can work together for as long as you like!

How much does it cost?

$47 per month

The cost of Budget Bootcamp for Two shouldn’t be another issue to argue about. That’s why the price reflects an affordable, automated monthly payment that you can cancel at any time.

Whether you’re newlyweds, serial monogamous or have been married for a few years already, it is time to tackle finances as a power couple.

Want to learn how to eliminate debt and live a YOLO life from someone who paid off $35k in student loan debt and now lives debt free in sunny San Diego?

By the age of 25, Justine Nelson had paid off $35,000 in student loan debt making an average of $37,000 per year. Grit, discipline and a motivation to kick debt’s ass for good helped her achieve this goal within two and a half years. Now, she’s sharing her strategies and tips with fellow millennials on how to get out of debt, budget without the bitching, and ultimately change your financial future. She believes millennials work too damn hard to be broke all the time and that credit card companies and banks are feeding lies about the way millennials should live. A Kansas City native, this Midwest millennial broke out of debt’s chains and now resides in San Diego, California with her husband living the DINK life (Dual Income, No Kids).

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Justine Nelson

Founder and Debtinator at Debt Free Millennials

“Talk money to me,” becomes a new turn on

WARNING: increase in financial confidence between couples may induce kinky side effects. Not all results are the same.

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