Is Your Debt Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Receive private budget coaching to get out of debt, save regularly, and budget with minimal effort.

Under a mountain of debt?

If you have graduated from college and find yourself under a mountain of student loans or credit card payments or car loans—you are not alone. Today, more than half of millennials have debt. (And in case you’re wondering, that applies to anyone between the ages of 18 and 35.)

Average dollar amount of student loan debt for Class of 2016 graduates.

Number of student loan borrowers under the age of 30.


Percentage of millennials that have insufficient funds to cover a $500 emergency.

Common Frustrations Surrounding Your Money and Debt



Your finances are always on the back burner. You don’t consider it important because shit, you make good money—more than the average American.

Lack of Knowledge

You feel like you suck at numbers and budgeting. You don’t know when and how to save, especially with a fluctuating paycheck. You feel like you don’t fully understand your debt and what you’re doing currently is barely making a dent.

Money Disappears

You sense that sometimes you overspend in certain areas, but you’re not sure where. Other times, you feel like, “WTF?” It feels like your money disappears each month and that’s a huge frustration.

A Fun Life Takes Money

You don’t want to miss out on happy hours, vacations with friends, the latest sale at Nordstrom’s or placing another Amazon order. Your lifestyle takes money and you don’t want to give that up.

Get Serious About Your Money Goals

Confidential Budget Coaching Done Online

Debt does not have to be a way of life. There can be a way out with discipline, faith and teamwork.

As your dedicated budget and debt-free coach, I am here to provide support and tools to help you reach your debt-free goals. Our conversations are completed online, and in private. Think of me as your virtual money confidante to get your money organized. Do you want to get serious about your money goals or not?

  • Discuss in confidence your financial woes and wins
  • Plan out each month with me as your accountability partner
  • Stay on track with online coaching calls
  • Share a virtual beer when you reach your milestones

Budget Coaching Packages

Budget Bootcamp

Who it’s for: Millennials who need someone to hold them accountable to their money goals. If you feel like you can’t get ahold of your finances and more money seems to go out than going in, I help you build a budget that you feel confident in. I keep this casual as cashmere–we talk money and sip beers virtually!

Budget Bootcamp for Two

Who it’s for: Couples who are ready to put on the boots and work shoulder-to-shoulder on their finances. Learn who is the spender and the saver and how you can work together as a team to overcome debt and take charge of your money.

Group Budget Coaching

Who it’s for: Private group coaching session for millennials who want a safe community to discuss financial woes and wins. I’ll lift each of you up as you share stories and goals so together we kick some serious debt ass.
We are about to have a baby and we knew we needed to get rid of the debt. Justine has guided us every step of the way and I’ve never felt like I was deprived of anything. When we make a decision, we go all in. In just two months of coaching, we paid off $7,000 in debt. Trusting Justine with our money conversation has helped us so much. Bart and Amelia

Lincoln, NE

Justine walked us through our budget so that it was easy to understand. She was able to see how we justified expenses and got us in-line when we were making excuses. I felt very comfortable talking about debt without embarrassment and I think it has a lot to do with her demeanor. Great job! Cody and Lauren

Clayton, NC

I always had a good cushion of money in my bank account, but I never really budgeted before. After talking to Justine about getting rid of my student debt, I feel like I’m actually making progress! I made a $2,700 payment towards debt AND paid for a trip to Amsterdam in cash all because of Justine’s coaching. Do me a favor and hire her! Julia

Kansas City, MO


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