Want to shower your boo this Valentine’s Day but don’t really have the funds for $50 roses? Stick around, I have great budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank. 

One thing Kyle and I can agree on is that we don’t like spending money on meaningless gifts. While I LOVE being recognized on Valentine’s Day, I value spending money in others areas of my life, like travel. Instead, we typically limit ourselves to $15 per person and find something fun and unique.

There are a ton of budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas. One idea is putting together “snack boxes.” Snack boxes include your Valentine’s favorite treats and snacks that you can find at the grocery store.

Create a special “K-Day” card and create a day that’s all about your sweetheart. You could include a home-cooked meal, massage, or trip to their favorite brewery. It doesn’t have to be expensive! I’m also really into writing love letters or letters of appreciation. Budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas could include fancy at-home meals. Try homemade sushi or steak and baked potatoes. Nothing says love like raw fish or a hunk of ribeye, am I right? I used this video to make at-home sushi and it turned out amazing!

Have an honest conversation with your significant other about V-Day. If expectations are a diamond ring and Godiva chocolates, discuss it. Talk about how you want to focus on spending time with that person without getting carried away with mass marketing. You can also add in the cost of giving gifts directly into your budget to help you stay on track with your debt free goal.

Let me know what your favorite budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas are in the comments below!

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