Debt Free Charts

Free downloadable debt free charts to help you karate chop debt payments faster.

Print. Color. Pay off debt quicker.

The DFM debt free charts are downloadable printable debt free charts that you can pin to your fridge, tape to your bathroom mirror or tack to your office board for a constant reminder to pay off debt. Every time you make a payment towards debt, simply color in a new hash line to show your progress.

Fare Thee Well Debt Chart

Go screw thyself.

Oh Sh!t Fund Chart

Ish happens. Save up for an Oh Sh!t Fund.

Suck It Credit Cards Chart

Dear credit card, suck it. K thanks bye.

Debt Free Millennials Chart

Taking care of debt one payment at a time.

Making Student Loans My Bitch Chart

Take that Sallie Mae!

Visualize The Pay Off Chart

Keep your eye on the prize.


Download three exclusive motivational debt free charts to track your debt and savings goals! Give student loans a throat punch, dig out of debt and enter a tropical state of mind to tackle your money goals.

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