If you have been on your debt free journey for awhile, or maybe you are just getting started and feel entirely overwhelmed, this debt free motivation message is for you.


Trust me, I have been there. After going through my own debt free journey of paying off $35,000 in student loan debt on a $37,000 income, I can recall several times where I needed debt free motivation. When my student loan debt balance was around $17,000 I remember thinking, “This is going to be my life. Forever. End of story.”

I wished I had some friends who understood the process of paying off debt back then, so I decided to enlist a few of my millennial money friends to help me out. I met these millennial friends primarily online and through FinCon (a big financial conference for influencers, media, and more).

I asked them to give a few words of encouragement to those who are on their debt free journey. I asked them if someone is struggling to find debt free motivation, what would they say?

Here’s their answers!

Debt free motivation: Flex those frugal muscles

Sarah Wilson, or famously known as Budget Girl, suggests flexing your frugal muscles. “No one is born a money master. We all have to learn it. Frugality is like a muscle. The more you practice, the better you get. Do one thing today or this week to improve your finances. Then next week grow on top of that. Don’t give up. Keep on going. Take it one step at a time and flex those frugal muscles.”

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The Budgeting Wife: “Keep dreaming!”

One of my dear friends, Marissa Lyda with The Budgeting Wife, puts it simply: keep dreaming! “Keep reminding yourself what you are working towards. Even if it’s taking a picture of your dream vacation and putting it up on your fridge.” 

This is a great way to stay motivated for something tangible. Instead of saying “I want to be debt free,” say “I want to be debt free so that I can…take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun!”

Chris Browning with Popcorn Finance Podcast: “Give yourself grace”

Chris Browning with the Popcorn Finance Podcast hit this one right on the head. “Give yourself grace. It’s really hard to be on this journey. You are paying off debt for a long time. It’s not like you can pay it off in a couple of days. I think we’re so tough on ourselves. We go so hard and put everything towards our debt that we burn ourselves out. It makes it hard to stay strong on this long journey. So give yourself grace. Find one thing you enjoy and incorporate it into your journey. A small break could help you find the debt free motivation that you need.”

“Remember your why” – Kelly McColgan, Freedom in a Budget

 I love this reminder from Kelly McColgan with Freedom in a Budget. She says, “When you are feeling drained and you want to stop paying off your debt, think about your why. What are you going to do after you become debt free? What are your big goals? Do you want to have a debt free wedding? Do you want to have kids? Do you want to become debt free for your kids? Have your why in front of you. Have your why in front of your mind at all times. It will keep you motivated to pay off debt.”

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“Find your anchor” from Andre Albritton with The Millennials Next Door

Andre’s analogy to anchor gave me all the feels. Because that is exactly how I feel about money and life in general. He says, “Think about the future. Think about where you are now and where you want to be. Tie back into your why because that is your anchor. So the next time you feel the itch to go out to brunch or spend money, remember your anchor to pull you back in.”

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The “you are on your path” debt free motivation

Lastly, this one is from me. You are on your path! You are not on anyone else’s path except for your own. I did this by making a vow to myself that I would always drive a debt free car. I told myself, “Self! You are going to drive a payment free car for the rest of your life.” And so I challenge you today to do the same. When you get in your car and pull into the next parking lot, look around at the cars. How many people do you think own their car? This is a great reminder because you are on your path to become debt free. You are on your path to live debt free!

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