Budgeting as a couple and doing so through our Beers and Budgeting episodes has held us accountable in so many ways. We are going over our February 2019 budget and I’m proud to say that this episode has been sponsored by Santa Fe Brewing Company!

In this episode, we are introducing a State Pen Porter by Santa Fe Brewing Company based out of New Mexico. The porter is no longer being produced, so the fact we got our hands on a 6-pack is awesome. It’s mellow and has hints of chocolate and caramel. It’s also not heavy like I thought it would be.

While we drink this delightful porter, we discuss setting up a second car or replacement car fund within our budget. I’m also shook because this ended up being one of our shortest budgeting meetings to date. I guess when you are budgeting as a couple, you know what’s going on at all times. We got 99 problems but dolla bills ain’t one.

The pros

  • We are using leftover money from our budget to start a car replacement or car #2 fund.
  • Our vacation fund is stocked at $6,500+. We’re looking for ways to maximize trips and Southwest Companion Pass using our Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card.
  • We spent $8.61 on alcohol in the month. That’s pretty amazing for two craft beer lovers.

The cons

  • We went over the grocery budget by $26. Not bad considering there’s three of us now.
  • We went over our restaurant budget by $16.
  • The Subaru had to get the EyeSight cameras replaced. Luckily the repair was only $200.

Let me know how your February budget went in the comments below!

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