I’m learning even more after two months of the Grow Your Dough Challenge with Wealth Hacker Jeff Rose! Here’s how I did in February with my Betterment account. This is the first time that I’m using Betterment so I’m going into this brand new!

Here’s a quick run down of what I got going on inside the Grow Your Dough Challenge 2019:

Initial amount: $1,000 (no added deposits due to challenge rules)

Amount as of March 5: $1,102.75

Cumulative return: 10.2%

Plan of action for March


I was talking to Budget Girl about how she’s approaching the Grow Your Dough Challenge, and she’s doing so with Ellevest. Have you heard of this platform? They are female-owned and focus on investing strategies for women.

So far, I still really like Betterment. Plus, I just learned about their auto-adjustment feature which helps you stay within your investing strategy. Mine is moderate, but yours could be aggressive or conservative depending on your money goals. If you are interested in trying Betterment for yourself, you can sign up using my affiliate link which gets you 90 days managed free and I get one month free. Remember, Betterment charges an annual fee of 0.25% on your investment balance. This is less expensive than what most active financial advisors could charge. To give you an idea, when Kyle and I worked with a financial advisor, we were charged 4.9% in expense fees. No. Thank. You.

Have you used Betterment before? What do you think of this robo-advising platform?

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