Manage Your Money with the
How to Control Your Spending Workbook

The workbook that reduces financial stress so you can live debt free.

Learning how to manage your money can feel, well, overwhelming.

Do you feel like you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck despite a good income? Maybe your spending feels out of control. Let’s face it. The way you spend money affects your ability to pay off debt. And we all know debt can really weigh us down.

Unintentional spending can wreak havoc on your money goals. It can destroy good intentions to pay down debt. It can cause frustration in relationships.

After surveying hundreds of millennials across social media, it was clear that spending money is an issue. That’s why this workbook was created!

Get a sneak peek of the workbook in this video!

What’s inside of the How to Control Your Spending workbook

50 full pages of printables that teaches you to manage your money and spending

Groceries Tracker

Credit Card Payoff Worksheet

Contentment Activities List

Fun Money Tracker

Printable version of the Budget Toolkit

Eating Out Tracker

Best Ways to Pay Off Debt

SIX cash envelope templates

Student Loan Payoff Worksheet

SEVEN debt free charts

I got the workbook when it first came out and have been using the concepts and printables since. I love the color-your-own cash envelopes and spending trackers. By using the spending tracker, I’ve been making choices that align better with my goals. I feel like I have the resources and knowledge to put my goals before my wants (hello contentment activity). I highly recommend getting the workbook if you are looking for a resource for ideas and inspiration to control your spending. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Mel, 27, Las Vegas, Nevada

I couldn’t put it down! I am constantly referring back to it and writing everything down. We are definitely overspending for sure, but the printable budget sheets, spending trackers, and contentment activities list have been my favorite parts to get us back on track. 

Kristin, 29, Moscow, Idaho

Get the How to Control Your Spending Workbook for only $49

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