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Have you ever wanted to get better at saving money? We all have the intention of being responsible with our finances but who is actually #adulting the right way? I’ll let you in on the answer. It’s the ones who pay themselves first.

We all want to save money consistently but very few of us know actually how to do it. As I was going through my own savings goals and how I’ve been hitting them consistently, I want to share how you can do this for yourself, no matter what you are saving for.

Small changes can get you in the habit to save money more consistently.

☝ Don’t save money for the sake of saving.

When your savings goals are vague, your saving habits become vague. In other words, your savings goals need to be specific. Are you trying to save for a house? Do you want to buy a new car? Do you want to build up a vacation fund? How much do you need for each of these goals? When do you need the money by? How much do you need to save each month in order to reach your goal date? Getting crystal clear on the money goal first is going to hold you more accountable to save money consistently.

“When your savings goals are vague, your saving habits become vague.”

⏰ Don’t wait until after spending.

You need to save before you spend. If you spend the first part of your paycheck on restaurants, bars and Target runs, you will quickly blow through what you wanted to save. Always, always, always pay yourself first by saving first and spending second. It’s a good idea to put your savings into a high interest savings account to maximize your interest earning potential.

Build savings directly into your budget spreadsheet. No fancy, expensive apps. Just you telling your money where to go. 
It’s all in the Budget

?  Automate your savings transfers.

After you get paid, you are going to setup an automatic contribution rule in your bank account to move money from your checking account into your savings account. This way, you don’t forget to pay yourself and it keeps you consistent.

Spend some time this week by writing down what you would love to save money for. What are some things you would LOVE to save for that get you so freaking excited you might pee your pants?

Okay, cut the text. Watch the video on how you can save money by paying yourself first.

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