Budgeting as a couple has helped us hit our money goals. So, welcome to our first beers & budgeting meeting of 2019! I’m excited because we are introducing a special porter from Ballast Point Brewing. We’re drinking a Coconut Victory at Sea Porter and, holy cow, it’s 10% alcohol. This one is best for sipping slowly!

In this episode, I talk about the importance of keeping track of specific budget categories to make sure we don’t go overboard. I do this through fancy “receipt envelopes” as opposed to cash envelopes because we use credit cards. And by fancy, I really mean business style envelopes with a black permanent marker. 😎

And I can’t even believe we got here so fast, but homies – we just hit our down payment goal! When you’re budgeting as a couple, it’s great to keep things fun with a beer and sharing your goals. How’d January go for you? Let me know!


The pros

  • We hit our $60k down payment goal!
  • We stocked our vacation fund with $6k for the year. Probably need to look at continuing to save to this as we make travel a priority this year.
  • We got a roommate (my wonderful sister) who is helping us tremendously with our rent.

The cons

  • We went over the grocery budget by $15 because I forgot about a Target receipt.
  • We went over our shopping budget by $53.
  • Acorns never got cancelled! I made Kyle do that immediately since he manages that.

Let me know how your first budget of the year is going in the comments below!

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