Join us as we go over our June budget! We are diving into a month where we went on an amazing vacation to New York City and discuss the role of running totals while sippin’ on Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale.

The beer

Red Trolley Ale by Karl Strauss Brewing Company

The pros

  • We are under budget for restaurants and fun. These are two categories that can be easily blown if we’re not careful.
  • We cash flowed our entire trip to New York City with our vacation fund!
  • We opened up a 529 plan for our nephew. Read more about 529 college savings plans here.
  • The Treat Yo Self fund is underway. We have our first $100 saved!

The cons

  • We forgot to factor in jeweler’s insurance for my wedding ring. We added a category to set aside $8 per month for this expense.
  • We blew our shopping category due to the fact that we love plants, pots and gardening. We just couldn’t resist ceramic pots from Rite Aid!
  • I went over my clothing budget to buy new hiking shoes. We are now adding running totals to carry over money from the previous month.

Let me know how your summer budget is going in the comments below!

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