It’s time to get up close and personal about my debt free journey. I never knew how much student loan debt sucked until I moved back in with my parents and opened up my first repayment notice. This is the story of my debt free journey. This is how I paid off $35,000 in 30 months making just $37,000 in income. I hope this inspires you in your own #debtfreejourney

My debt free journey actually started back in 2008, when I was a sophomore in college. I was living in my sorority house when I received a phone call from my mom. My parents could no longer support me financially through school. So, I did what any other college student did which was take out more student loans.

I used to be extremely shy talking about money. I felt like no one else could relate to my situation. But now, I’m opening up about my debt free journey and what that looked like when I was just entering my twenties. You can read more about my story here but I thought it was time to do a proper video about this and get real with you.

If debt is something you want to squash for good, check out my online program, the Freedom Project, that teaches you how to slash debt and stay in control with your money to live a debt free life. Know that I am cheering you on as you continue your debt free journey.

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