I’ve got a ton of fun Las Vegas budget travel tips that help you have fun and avoid breaking the budget.

if you are anything like me, you have a travel bug that just won’t leave you alone.

If you’re on your debt free journey but you still want to travel, I am telling you it is possible. I’m gonna show you exactly how to make Sin City so satisfying on your wallet while livin’ it up! Here’s my best Las Vegas budget travel tips.

Bring Your Own Alcohol

Las Vegas budget travel tips always starts with alcohol (or so I’ve learned). This tip is something I learned from my mother and godmother, thank you, you classy ladies. Alcohol on The Strip can be one of the most draining expenses on your Las Vegas travel budget. Instead, prior to arriving, pack your bag with a libation of your choosing. I usually wrap clothing around the bottle and stick it in the middle of my suitcase to keep it safe. The trick here is you need to check your bag with this method. If you fly Southwest, this is not an issue. Then, once I get to the hotel, I locate the nearest drug store and purchase a mixer to make my own concoction and take it in tow with me around The Strip! I bought a container of lemonade for $2.50 at the CVS next to the Paris hotel.

Mix business with pleasure

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? One of my best Las Vegas budget travel tips is to do a work/fun trip! Whether you’re in Vegas for a conference or work training, making the most out of your work trip means a spouse or friend can tag along, too. I’m here in Vegas because my hubby has work training. What that means is our hotel is completely paid for and we take advantage of a per diem. I also did this when one of my best friends was in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a conference. We ended up sharing her paid-for room which cuts down on expenses.

Unlock deep hotel discounts

If you’re headed to Vegas solely for the sake of thrills and fun, getting your company to front the hotel expense may not be possible. But here’s two sites that I’m really excited about.


Seems like your typical run of the mill hotel price comparison site, right? Wrong. What I like about this site is that it has a great customer loyalty program. Purchase 10 nights throughout the year with Hotels.com, and get your 11th night free. If you love to travel like I do, this can quickly add up!


Admittedly I haven’t tried booking a hotel with this site yet but I LOVE the concept. Head over to roomertravel.com. Here’s how it works. Let’s say Joe books a trip to Vegas and a week before he’s supposed to leave, his wife has a baby. Now Joe has to either give up his room and forfeit the expense or he can sell it to you for a discount so he gets some of his money out of it and you get a hell of a deal!

The trick to using this site is most of the deals are going to pop up a few weeks before your arrival so you must hunt and jump on deals fast. You can also book this backwards by booking your room first and your airfare second. You’ll also need to be flexible on your travel dates as someone who’s selling their room may not have it booked for the dates you want. I just hopped on and saw an amazing deal for the Venetian for $93 a night! You’d have to stay during the week but that’s amazing for the Venetian!

Use Yelp to find the best restaurants on The Strip

Yelp has become one of my all-time favorite tools when I’m traveling. You know that restaurants on The Strip can be terribly expensive. Prior to arriving, look up restaurants on Yelp. Here’s how to use it. Filter restaurants by hitting the filters icon > Sort by most reviewed. You can also choose the dollar amount you want to spend. Look for restaurants that have more than 1,000 reviews.

I found Secret Pizza and Holstein’s burgers in the Cosmopolitan, Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood, and a brewery at the Ellis Island Casino.

Eat cheap twice, splurge once

Here’s the key to keeping your food expenses down while you are in Vegas. You need to eat cheaply for two of your meals and then splurge on the third. While I’m here, I bought cheap bananas and brought my own granola bars for a small breakfast. The hotel room also has coffee so I don’t have rush down to a cafe or Starbucks, which saves me $5 per coffee.

Next, I opt for cheap lunch options such as the sandwich shop, or take advantage of fast casual options like Chipotle or Panera. Because I spent nearly nothing on breakfast, $10 on lunch, now I can select a slightly pricier restaurant for dinner and not feel guilty. Your budget will thank you later.

Use Vegas.com to purchase event tickets

I’m in Sin City so of course, I want to see a good show when I’m here! There are a ton of great shows but they all seem to be at least $100 per ticket. Instead, I searched for well-reviewed shows using Vegas.com about two weeks before I left to get a sense of how much the tickets cost. I saw a fun burlesque show and five days prior to showtime, the ticket prices had dropped from $75 to $50 which made it easy for me to click to order and get a deal, too.

My Las Vegas Budget Travel Expense Report

Here’s a breakdown of my 4 days/3 nights trip to Las Vegas.

Airfare = $224

Accommodations at The Paris Hotel = FREE (Husband’s company paid for)

Booze = $19

Food = $415.60

Show = $126

Uber = $40.36

Cash for gambling = $120

Roulette winnings = $45

Per diem provided = $448

Total out of pocket cost = $451.96

Las Vegas can be affordable if you have a few budget strategies up your sleeve before heading out. You can even use my own budget template to help you start planning. In the comments below, I’d love to know how you’ve saved money in Vegas.

Learn How to Pay Off Debt By Putting A Budget In Place

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