madison reed hair color review

The end result after using Madison Reed hair color!

So, here’s the story behind my Madison Reed hair color review: I used to get my hair professionally colored to the tune of $200. 🤮 So this week, I’m trying out Madison Reed, an at-home hair coloring company. It’s supposed to be better quality than what you’d find at Target or Wal-Mart, but more affordable than the salon.

I bought a hair gloss to get rid of my unsightly pee yellow blonde and a nice mocha brown to cover the greys. Yes, I’m 30 years old, I look 13, and my hair says I’m 70. I got a gloss, hair dye and free shampoo and conditioner with a 10% coupon all for $48! My extra savings could go towards my Betterment investment now.

Submitted a hair quiz

First, I submitted a hair quiz to figure out my ideal color. Madison Reed does a really good job at putting together an online quiz for you so they can give you the best recommendations. I had questions about my balayage and going back to all over color. I was put in touch with a color tech specialist via email who answered my question right away. This was before I even purchased anything, mind you.

Consequently, if you don’t like the color Madison Reed selects for you as a result of your quiz, you can always choose another color. They break down the colors using levels one through five, similar to what you’d expect at a regular salon.

    Ordered my Madison Reed product online

    The order process was quick and easy. I think that’s important to cover in a Madison Reed hair review. I was able to apply a 10% discount. Also, side note: if you want to save even more, sign up for their email list and wait until they send you an email with additional freebies. That’s how I was able to get a FULL bottle of shampoo and conditioner with my first order.

    madison reed product

    Some of the product that I received in my Madison Reed shipment!

    What I was hoping to achieve through my Madison Reed hair color review

    I bought Madison Reed so I could do a hair color review to cover my old balayage highlights and cover a few greys. I also wanted to achieve a nice all over color with dimension. And finally, I wanted to do it for less than $200.

    What was the result from my Madison Reed hair review

    Semi-permanent gloss result with Madison Reed

    I got rid of the pee yellow! I noticed that my blonde ends went from brassy to a warm honey color. This gave me the right amount of warmth that I ended up rocking the semi-permanent for six to eight weeks before I dyed my hair again.

    The semi-permanent gloss is a good in-between fix for those who are wanting to warm up existing blonde in their hair. I’m not sure it was enough of a change to warrant buying it again, but I may try another experiment later this summer to see how it impacts all over color.

    Before, right after, and 6-8 weeks after my semi-permanent. It’s hard to tell a major difference in these photos, but trust me, it toned down the brass a lot!

    Permanent color result with Madison Reed

    I LOVE my new hair color! The Torrino Brown in Natural Ash was the perfect color. I also liked how it didn’t look like someone colored in my roots with permanent marker. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes cheap-o box color from Wal-Mart ends up looking extremely pigmented and unnatural. I did not feel this way, so this is a plus for my Madison Reed hair review.

    Overall, I’m really satisfied with my results. It’s already been one month since I dyed my hair and I’m looking forward to freshening the color next month with my automatic subscription. My sister ended up coloring my hair for me, which helped a ton! She did a great job making sure all hairs were covered. But if I end up doing this solo, I think it would help to have a hair coloring brush to make the application easier.

    How does Madison Reed hair color save money?

    The semi-permanent gloss said that it fades within 6-8 washes so you better not be washing your hair every day. This could cost you more money. The gloss was $29.95 so this could be purchased sparingly throughout the year.

    Madison Reed really wants you to get on their subscription package to keep you as a repeat customer. The subscription for me was $19.95 and my shipment is set for every 8 weeks. They also send you an email telling you that they are about to ship. You can go back in your account and skip a month if you end up going longer between colorings. This can save you even more because they don’t charge you if you skip a month.

    So, let’s break it down. If I dye my hair every two months, then I’m paying roughly $10 per month for updated color throughout the year. That’s $120 for the year and I can color treat my hair six times versus the $200 I spent at Aveda for one time. I also save money this way even with a cheaper alternative salon. I have spent around $100 on color and again that was just one time.

    Wanna try Madison Reed hair color?

    You can get $15 off when you sign up with my affiliate link. You can also try waiting a few days before you purchase to see if Madison Reed will send you an extra gift so you can stack some savings. Try adding the hair color to your shopping cart and just let it sit. You never know, you could find some additional savings with an email promo!

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