Every month, my husband and I go over our monthly budget. It’s a chance for us to see just how much income we brought in, how many expenses we had, and what we plan to do for the next month. You have probably heard that having a monthly budgeting meeting with your accountability partner actually helps you achieve your money goals. But did you know that adding carbonated alcoholic beverages makes it ten times more fun? We’re poppin’ open a bottle of craft beer and diving into our monthly beers and budgeting meeting. May had a few blown budget categories and an extra paycheck!

Watch our monthly budgeting review below!

The beer

Michigan Maple Jesus Imperial Stout by Evil Twin Brewing

The pros

  • We brought in nearly $10,000 in income. Mostly because we had a $2,000+ tax refund come back. But still, very noteworthy.
  • We received a $200 credit because our washing machine was broken for eight weeks. Note, if you think you deserve a credit on your rent, always ask your landlord and get it in writing. We received the full amount we asked for!
  • Our vacation fund is in full swing! Because we have roughly $6,000 saved up, we have been able to book a ton of trips easily and pull the funds from the vacation fund lovingly labeled Our Adventures. You can throw up now.

The cons

  • We went over budget on groceries, gas, restaurants and shopping. We spent an extra $100 on groceries whereas the latter categories were only busted by $5-$20.
  • We wasted $75 on MLB TV. We can’t skip through to different innings even though we try to watch archived games. The user interface is slow and constantly craps out on us. Anyone know what gives?

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How’d you do for the month? Let me know in the comments below if your month was excellent, so-so, or if you need to open a second or third beer after reviewing your budget. No judgments here.

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