Our monthly budget is the perfect example of how we make choices with our money. We don’t always agree on how much we should save for particular items, but in the end we discuss and compromise. I think most couples who do monthly budgets together can tell you it’s a compromise!

For our May 2019 beers and budgeting episode, we are testing a really weird beer. This one is from the Boston Beer Company. They are also the makers of Samuel Adams. But in any case, Kyle found this weird beer called 26.2 Brew. It was designed to be for people who complete marathons. It’s made with Himalayan sea salt and coriander. I’m very concerned about this because neither one of us have ever run a marathon.


We had a third paycheck this month

Not only did we save money, but we also had a third paycheck. In total, we had $4,600 leftover in our monthly budget. This money needs to be directed. I hate having money sit idling by so we’re giving it some thought as to how we want to save, spend, and invest this money. Kyle really wants a new mattress, and I agree. We have had the same mattress since 2012, and I originally bought it when I was still a single lady. Now I have a 180+ lb. person sleeping next to me. We are ready for king size, baby!

Our monthly budget example includes areas where we went over budget

We are over our shopping budget by $100, coming in at $274. Kyle bought a few things on Amazon ranging from a back massager to facial tissues to coffee. I’m not quite sure why we now have 10 boxes of Puffs Plus, but if you ever have a cold, I got you covered.

We also were slightly over in our gas budget. We attribute this to the rising cost of gas. When I last filled up at Costco, it was $3.83 per gallon. Luckily, we only own one car and I work from home, so this helps us keep gas costs to a minimum.

Just because we’re debt free, doesn’t mean we don’t side hustle!

Our monthly budget example also includes areas where I applied side hustle money! We have an apartment decor budget so that I can update the home without Kyle feeling like I’m dumping money down the drain. This month, I sold two tables and I took on a pet sitting job. In total, I made an additional $417 on the side! I’m really excited about this because I haven’t done side hustles like this in awhile. It felt so good to get this extra income and use it to increase my apartment decor budget and put some of it towards our new mattress. This is a great way to save money.

The pros

  • We had an extra paycheck this month!
  • The surplus money is going to be allocated towards a new bed, and topping off our second car fund, retirement, and replacing our cell phones.

The cons

  • We went over budget on shopping by $124.
  • We went over our gas budget, but this is because there is an increase in gas prices.
  • The Subaru has to get the brake pads replaced. Not looking forward to this expense!

Let me know how your May budget went in the comments below!

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