Beers and Budgeting for One

$37.00 / month

  • 60-minute introductory call
  • (2) 45-minute calls per month
  • Ongoing bi-weekly support
  • Online budget building using Google Spreadsheets
  • Organized / actionable debt-free goal setting
  • Visual debt-free progress tracker PDF
  • Duration: 3 months



Look, we all need a little help in life. Money, finding a job, fashion (yes, I need help in this department). When it comes to even thinking about your money sitch, do you ever stop and think, “I wish financial companies would just dumb down the financial lingo for me”? Or, “If this situation gets any worse, my life is really going to bust at the seams”?

? This is what this budget coaching package is for. ?

I help you run your personal finances so that you feel taken care of, supported and best of all, on your way to a debt free millennial life. In three months time, I’m going to help you go from panicked and overwhelmed to kickin’ debt’s ass and taking names. Learn how to automate payments, zero in on your money goals and still spend money on your guilty pleasures. Your friends will wonder where the old you went.

We ain’t gettin’ any younger and your life needs to get back on track. Taking the step to sign up is your commitment to never EVER go back to debt. Let’s burn the boats together.