Beers and Budgeting for Two

$47.00 / month

  • Three month coaching package
  • (3) 45 minute calls per month
  • Online budget building using Google Spreadsheets + the power of dual income
  • Wedding budget training
  • Organized / actionable debt-free goal setting
  • Visual debt-free progress tracker PDF



Raise your hand if you have ever had a disagreement with your boo about money. ?

If you have ever felt cautious, anxious or tense when it comes to financial conversations with your honey, you are not alone. Putting off the debt conversation until next month is not getting rid of tension, it’s just prolonging it.

? Imagine sitting down with your significant other and mapping out your financial dreams.
? Instead of getting defensive about a purchase, you are met with agreement, because you had your spending accounted for.
? Imagine working shoulder-to-shoulder on the same goal: getting rid of debt and coming together as a team.

Financial responsibility is not a one-person job. Couples who openly communicate about money end up becoming more successful in the long run. You just need someone to help set you on the right path.

One-on-two budget coaching provides confidential coaching to help the two of you come up with a ditch debt plan and let’s be honest, make money feel sexy again! Whether you’re newlyweds, serial monogamous or have been married for a few years already, it is time to tackle finances as a power couple.