I’ve never done a random act of kindness before. Not in this way, at least. Sure, I’ve helped someone across the street. I have randomly given a dollar to a homeless person. But never have I gone into a Burger King, given the cashier $85 in cash, and told them to use it to pay for as many meals as possible.

Random acts of kindness can be done at any time, planned or unplanned. You don’t have to have a lot of money to give. And you don’t necessarily have to be debt free, either. Even simply going through a drive-thru and paying for the car behind you can have a dramatic impact on your day.

I often think about how the receiving end will feel after a random act of kindness, but I never thought about how I would feel. And, boy. Did this random act of kindness get me right in the feels! I walked away from this experience feeling truly humbled.

It doesn’t matter what color you are or what religion you affiliate with. It doesn’t matter what ailments you have or what you wear. We all want a decent meal. We may choose different places to eat, but we all want a hot meal. This Burger King in downtown San Diego showed me so much diversity, yet it showed me just how much we all truly have in common.

This video was part of a collaboration series on YouTube, and it was so fun to see what everyone did! If you’d like to check out the entire collab, watch this random act of kindness playlist. 

Random Act of Kindness Ideas

I used to think that doing random acts of kindness was only reserved for those that had extra money to spare. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Kindness can come across in so many ways.

While I challenged myself by going inside of Burger King and paying for strangers’ meals, there are other simpler methods of spreading kindness that you could do. If you are still paying down debt, you can still spread some kindness in this world! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bake goodies for your neighbor

There’s something to be said about homemade treats. Especially if they are given to your neighbor for no special reason! I love making cookies at home and making goodie bags for my neighbors. It prevents me from eating all the dough myself and it spreads a little random act of kindness to my neighbors.

Babysit or pet sit for free

You know who would love to be a recipient of a random act of kindness? Someone who needs their child, dog, or cat taken care of, that’s who! I frequently watch my friend’s baby or dog sit just because I can. I like to volunteer my time this way. And in my opinion, time is more precious than money. You can give your time so much more than you can your cash. This is a great way to give back.

Pay for someone’s coffee

Have a Starbucks addiction? Next time you grab a flat white, buy one for the person behind you. Whether you are waiting in line or in the drive-thru, it is so rewarding to pay for someone else’s coffee!

Buy a small bouquet at the grocery store

At my grocery store, there’s usually a random arrangement of flowers for $5-$6 bucks. I think a great idea for a random act of kindness would be to purchase a small bouquet for someone. Maybe you have a co-worker who is going through a hard time, or a family member who would love to have their day brightened. This is simple and so fun!

Do a chore you don’t normally do

Around my house, Kyle and I split up chores. I usually make the bed and he usually makes the coffee. If you are feeling generous and kind, do a chore you don’t normally do. Maybe that’s taking out the trash, washing the dishes, or doing your partner’s laundry. Even running an errand that is out of the ordinary could really brighten your boo’s day!

Have you ever done a random act of kindness? I would love to get more ideas to continue paying it forward.

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