Welcome to the Debt Free Millennials Resources page!

I have included a list of tools, products and services that are here to help you on your debt free journey. If you feel like you’ve been wasting time worrying about money instead of doing something about it, you are in the right place. 

I have personally used and tested each recommendation on this page. I update this page frequently so you’re getting the most up-to-date list every time you return, so bookmark this page for future reference.

Before you jump in, please read this important disclosure:

The list below includes some affiliate links, which means by clicking on one of these links and making a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. My experience with these tools, products and services are something that I value because I found them personally helpful in my debt free journey, and I hope you do, too. Please do not purchase something unless you feel they will help you achieve kickass ninja money status.

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma recently updated its tax software, and it’s very intuitive. Plus, it’s 100% FREE no matter what your tax filing situation.

Check out my review with The College Investor!

H&R Block

You know the name, and its tax software lives up to it. If you want something premium, I really like H&R Block’s interface and simple questions to help me file taxes.

Check out my review with The College Investor!


🎬 Debt Free Millennials YouTube Channel

I share quick tips on how to get out of debt and save money. Plus, I talk about beer, travel, and interview some really amazing millennials on the channel!

📝 How to Control Your Spending Workbook

Reduce money stress and get your spending under control. My 50-page BUNDLE of activities + printables is a perfect fit to help you become debt free.

💻 Debt Free Millennials Budget Toolkit

Includes the exact budgeting spreadsheet that I use to track my monthly income and expenses, plus a few debt free progress charts to keep your debt free goals top of mind.

✅ Debt Free Progress Charts

Our printable debt free progress charts are great for people who like to see visual progress on the debt free journey. Download a chart for free and color in a line every time you make a payment. My debt free progress chart was a great tool to keep me motivated to pay off debt!