I’ve bought some expensive af things that were worth the money, and other things that were way cheaper that were still worth the money. C’mon, cheddar peppers from Sonic are ALWAYS worth the money. While I love focusing on ways to pay off debt quickly and save money, I also like to advocate for responsible spending. It’s totally okay to spend money while you pay down debt as long as you have a plan and a budget.

I wanted to ask two YouTube friends of mine about their top purchases that were worth the money. \Marissa with The Budgeting Wife and Brad with Baby Steps Brad are collab’ing with me on this video, so please go watch their videos and subscribe!

Here’s my top three purchases that were worth the money from most expensive to least expensive!

My Subaru Forester

My paid-for Subaru Forester was totally worth the money. It was $25,000 all in. We put $3,000 on our credit card to get the points. We pay off our credit card in full every month and don’t carry credit card debt. The extra points that month were really helpful. We also took a $1,200 trade-in for Kyle’s 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the remaining $21,000 was delivered in a cashier’s check. Let me tell you how FUN it was to walk into the dealership with a $21,000 check and being like, “BOOM. Now where’s my car?” 😎 We also heavily used Consumer Reports, took our time test-driving, and exercised a lot of patience. This was so fun because my Ford ZX2 Escort was the only car I had ever owned.

Total cost: $25,000


SmileDirectClub is way more affordable than braces and I already had braces. I also got to use my HSA card which helped me budget for this. The annoying part–redoing my impression kit and you can’t drink or eat anything when you have them in but OMG I felt so much better having my teeth straightened back out and it only took 5 months! Purchasing teeth aligners were totally worth the money. I will drop my affiliate link below if you want to get 50% off your impression kit.

Total cost: $1,845.50

Personal Finance Books

I cover my top four personal finance books in another YouTube video but it’s worth mentioning here. Reading about personal finance really jumpstarted my debt free journey and piqued my interest in personal finance. Investing in personal finance books are worth the money, in my opinion. I love Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Little Common Sense Book of Investing by John Bogle.

Total cost: $25

I’m curious, what are some things that you have bought that were worth the money? It could be big or small, but whatever it is, I hope it’s something that you personally see value in.

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I never promote anything that I haven’t tested/read myself, so know that you’re getting only the best recommendations from me and you are supporting Debt Free Millennials. Thank you!

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