I’m profiling this budget friendly neck pillow. It’s all you’ll ever need.

I love traveling. Between international journeys like my recent trip to Australia, to flying across the country, I like being comfortable on planes. And I only carry the best items with me that I know I’ll use when I travel on the cheap. Enter the BCOZZY travel neck pillow. Let me tell you why this beats any other neck pillow on the market.

Why bringing the essentials matters

I would not consider myself a heavy packer when I travel. If I can fit everything in a carry-on, I’ll do it. Mainly because I don’t want to waste time checking in bags and waiting for them at the luggage carousel. So, that means my travel backpack and carry-on suitcase must only have the essentials!

We can put great care into selecting the right gear, clothes, and accessories to use when we get to our location, but how about the actual journey? In order to make traveling more comfortable, I almost always have these things with me:

  • Travel backpack
  • Earbuds
  • Kyle’s phone holder invention (more on that later)
  • Oil face wipes (because airplanes = dry = my face becoming an oily mess)
  • This neck pillow

Naturally, I was a bit skeptic when I saw this neck pillow on Amazon. Like, is the uneven shape really going to make that big of a difference? I couldn’t see how this was that different from a normal neck pillow that you can find at Target, but after reading the reviews I made the purchase.

And traveling (long distances especially) has never been the same!

    The flat back design

    So often with traditional neck pillows is that they are uniform in shape. This causes pressure on the back of the neck. That pressure pushes your neck forward which then in turn, creates bobblehead. You all know what I’m talking about. When you doze off sitting upright and your head does this number.

    What I love about the BCOZZY neck pillow is they actually made the filling thinner in the back so it doesn’t push your neck forward. You can comfortably sit upright and not worry about your head falling forward.

    travel neck pillow bcozzy

    You telling your fellow passengers that this neck pillow will give you much needed R&R.

    Chin support makes falling asleep easier

    And if the flat back design isn’t enough, you can wrap the neck pillow around itself for chin support. Yes, it does look like you are wearing a neck brace, but you will fall asleep while your fellow passengers will be fiddling with their sub-par pillows. I love how this travel neck pillow keeps your head stationary. That’s probably the best feature about this pillow!

    Having the chin support helps me stay asleep. Since the fabric is made up of a microsuede, it’s like the softest cloud cupping your chin. I swore I heard cherub angels playing miniature harps the last time I dozed off with this neck pillow enveloping my head.

    Multiple ways to wear the neck pillow

    You can wrap it directly underneath your chin or you can position it to the side. If you are a side sleeper, you can fold the pillow in half and prop it up if you have a window seat. And because it’s easy to manipulate, I can twist it up and stick it inside of my backpack if I don’t want to clip it to the outside of my bag.

    Did I mention it’s easy to wash?

    Don’t worry about picking up unwanted germs with your neck pillow. It’s washable! All you do is put it into an empty pillowcase, tie it off so it doesn’t fall out, and run it on a gentle cycle. Then let your travel neck pillow air dry.

    And it’s easy to store the travel neck pillow in your carry-on

    Because the neck pillow wraps around itself, it makes it a lot easier to store inside of my backpack or carry-on. The plush padding doesn’t lose its shape either. Break it back out when you are ready to use it and it will plump up on its own. You can, of course, snap it to the outside of your bag with the snap handle. In case you don’t want the person standing behind you at the airport Starbucks to sneeze all over it though , you have the option to store it inside of your carry on.

    How much is the BCOZZY neck pillow?

    This currently retails on Amazon for $54.97 for a pack of two. So you can get one for yourself and one for your travel buddy. A single neck pillow is $29.97 and it looks like they just came out with an XL version for those of you with burly necks.

    I have flown from San Diego to Sydney, Australia which is a 15-hour flight with this neck pillow. It’s one of my favorite budget friendly travel accessories. It does wonders! Let me know if you grabbed one of these and how you like it!

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