I’m 31 and I live in San Diego. I’m guessing you want to know what I realistically spend in one week living in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Here’s what I spend in one week as a 31-year-old in San Diego.

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What are my regular monthly expenses in San Diego

First, let’s start off with regular monthly expenses. My rent is $2,780 a month for a two bedroom, two bath apartment in San Diego. That translates to $695 per week in rent. Water and gas are included in my rent, so the utility I pay in addition to rent is electricity. My electric bill usually runs around $80 per month which breaks down to $20 per week.

My regular monthly subscriptions (help me, please)

We also recently switched to Webpass for internet which is $60 per month or $15 per week. On top of the internet, we pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ which is split 50/50 with a friend, Kindle Unlimited, CBS All Access, and ESPN+. Man, I think I need to purge some of this. 

My monthly subscription costs are:

Webpass – $60
Netflix – $12.99
Amazon Prime – $10.68
Disney+ – $3.50
Kindle Unlimited – $9.99
CBS All Access – $5.99
ESPN+ – $4.99

Total – $108.14

This breaks down to $27.04 per week on monthly subscriptions. I know I can cut ESPN+ and CBS All Access. We mainly got those subscriptions because we wanted to watch football. I have a feeling we’ll add those subscriptions back in come football season.

I also hesitate about the Kindle Unlimited subscription. I love having access to a ton of books to read. Truth be told, there are plenty of free books built in with Amazon Prime and the books that I really want to read, I’ll buy the Kindle version. It might be time to cut the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

If I get rid of CBS All Access, ESPN+, and Kindle Unlimited, I could free up $21 per month and put it towards something else.

Man, I think I need to purge some of this.

What I spend on insurance

We have insurance for our Subaru Forester, my wedding ring, and our apartment. That’s $17 per week in car insurance. Add in $2 per week for my wedding ring insurance and $3 per week for renters insurance. That’s $22 per week just to keep the essentials insured.

Regular car expenses

In addition to car insurance, there’s the usual upkeep that comes with having a car. I budget for tags, gas and oil changes and repairs. Realistically, I have to spend money on all of these things but I don’t spend on them every week. Gas typically is $65 per month or $16.25 per week.

Normal living expenses broken down into one week

Rent $695
Electricity $20
Subscriptions + Internet $27
Insurance $22
Gas $16.25

Total = $780.25

What I spend in a week in San Diego


The first day of tracking this was easy. I work from home so I don’t have the expense of driving my car, paying for gas, or be tempted to eat out. I ate breakfast and lunch at home this day. Then I went over to my sister’s house that night for a homecooked meal. We also watch the new season of You (#obsessed).

Total spent on Friday = $0


On Saturday, my sister and I ventured up to Irvine to a consignment shop that resells furniture from model homes. Julia ended up buying an entertainment stand for her place and I found a really cool piece of art that was 50% off of retail price. It’s originally from West Elm and looks really cool above my fireplace.

We had lunch in Irvine at a place called Bosscat Kitchen. The Yelp reviews were promising, but I was let down. While the food was good, the music in this place was way too loud and the bill was absurdly high. For a cup of coffee and a plate of shrimp and grits, I spent $26 bucks. C’mon Irvine, you ain’t that cool.

Julia ended up buying Kyle and I a round of beers at a local brewery and by the time we got home, we were hungry again. So I ordered takeout sushi and pho from a local joint. They must have raised their prices because our takeout bill was $40! We ordered eggrolls, one pho bowl and a rainbow roll. It just doesn’t seem to be enough food for what we paid. We may have to rethink ordering from this place again.

West Elm art – $95.90
Lunch at Bosscat – $26.63
Dinner at Flamin Pho – $39.87

Total spent on Saturday = $162.40


Sunday was more low-key, mostly because Kyle and I spent the day watching the Chiefs play the Texans in the playoff game. Chiefs are officially headed to the Super Bowl and I can’t tell you how stoked I am. I’m a huge Chiefs fan so this is incredible!   I was really amped up the entire game which made me feel tired afterwards. I still hadn’t gone to the grocery store, so I trekked out to Ralph’s anyways and grabbed enough food to meal prep for the week. Ralph’s – $87.10 Total spent on Sunday = $87.10


Monday I had a few autopay bills that processed, so I included it in what I spend in a typical week. My autopay bills included CBS All Access and my cell phone plan.

I also went to my therapy session that costs $90 out of pocket (and so worth it for my mental health) and I ordered Estrosense vitamins and a seam ripper on Amazon. Random, I know.

CBS All Access – $5.99
Cell phone plan (include two unlimited data plans with Sprint) – $85.97
Therapy – $90
Amazon order – $44.79

Total spent on Monday – $226.75


Tuesday, you messed with my mind. I didn’t even realize that I spent money on this day until Wednesday afternoon!

The Australian wildfires have been insane. I studied abroad in Australia so I hold a special place in my heart for it. My Aussie friends had donated to this organization, so I decided to donate $150.

Then, I bought a flight to Austin, Texas for Kyle and I. Kyle had Southwest credit that he needed to use, so I used that to book his flight. I couldn’t use the credit to book my Companion Pass, so I paid the $11.20 sales tax to purchase my flight using the Southwest credit card.

Again, I didn’t even realize that I spent money until the following day. I think I go into autopilot whenever I buy things online and this is scary. Especially since I budget all the time.

Australian wildfire donation – $150
Companion pass flight to Austin – $11.20

Total spent on Tuesday – $161.20

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday were my grind days. I recorded video content. I wrote blog posts. My food was cooked at home. One of my friends hosted a wine night at her place and I brought over a bottle of wine that I already had. These two days were wins for me!

Total spent on Wednesday and Thursday – $0


Friday was a big day for spending. I ran some errands in the morning which aided in my spending. I ran up to Kohl’s to do an Amazon drop-off return.

I get why Kohl’s decided to partner with Amazon on this. They gave me an in-store coupon for 25% off which tempted me to buy an outfit for my best friend’s new baby.

Then I headed to Target to order contacts and grab a few things. The Target optometrist is amazing! It only cost me $30 for a year supply of contacts. I also had to get contact solution. Both of these expenses were put on my health savings account card.

In addition, I bought some makeup, a basket for my fig tree, and more baby outfits for my friend. I spent a whopping $76, and that price included coupons. Oy vey.

By the time I got home, I was hungry and Kyle ordered us burritos. That night, we had drinks with our best friends and went to dinner at Sushi 2. Remind me not to go back here. The sushi has gotten so lackluster.

Kohl’s – $9.70
Target – $76.26
Contacts – $27.96
Contact solution – $17.93 
Burritos – $19.37
The Smoking Gun – $22.34
Sushi 2 – $35.97

Total spent on Friday – $209.53

Total spent in one week: $846.98

Factor in my normal living expenses like rent and utilities, I spend a total of $1,627.23. I think the biggest lesson that I learned filming this is how detached I am from making online purchases. I don’t even realize I’m spending.

What do you think? Is this more or less than what you thought I spend? Let me know below!

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